Lunch and Learn Webinar Series


Lunch and Learn Webinar Series

Faced with many challenges in our new normal of work, the Stephenson Mansell Group is working hard to ensure you have the tools needed to navigate through the uncertainty we currently live and work in. 

Drawing upon the lived experience and qualifications of our team of coaches and mentors, along with our own leadership team, we bring you practical tools and strategies that can be implemented and applied to the way you address the Covid-19 situation for yourself and your team, through our free fortnightly webinars. 

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Monday 1 June 2020
12.00pm – 1.00pm AEST

 The social experiment imposed on all of us by a global pandemic has demonstrated that working from home is not only effective but, in many cases, people’s preferred option. For example, working from home minimises the risks (and the associated anxieties) about travelling to work while we are without a vaccine for COVID-19. It can also deliver productivity gains – no commuting time. Yet leaders are now faced with having to make a compelling case for a return to the office. How do they do this and why would they want to?


In this Webinar, a panel of experts will discuss the case for and against working together in face to face environments, exploring:

·       Brand new global research on how our workplace values are shifting as a result of the pandemic

·       What gets lost when we are only working remotely

·       The DNA of wanting to “belong” and how we are socialised to be part of a community. 

·       The implications for organisational culture of constant remote working

As we emerge into the post COVID world, leaders will face new challenges that they haven’t previously had to consider. Returning to the workplace is just one example of what’s to come and the new thinking that will be required to deal with these situations. This webinar will help start your journey of reflecting on what leadership means in the new world.


Leading in Difficult Times

Webinar Session: 23rd March 2020
Join Founding Partner and clinical psychologist, Virginia Mansell, for a free webinar as she explores practical tools and approaches to deal with anxiety and leadership during difficult times.

Virginia will outline the psychological factors that cause fear and uncertainty for leaders during a crisis, and will detail useful ways leaders can manage both their own, and their teams reactions.

Webinar Session: 30th March 2020
In the absence of face to face meetings, leaders need to inspire, motivate, and influence their teams through audio and video conferences. In effect we have all become broadcasters—so how can we quickly lift our ability to communicate in this medium?

Mehul, who is now a Senior Partner and Head of Leadership practice at Stephenson Mansell Group, will be drawing from his experience as a former broadcaster as well as facilitating input remotely from a panel of experts including Kerrie Kelly, Board Director and Experienced Business Leader; Peter Kingston, Former Director at NIDA and, Virginia Mansell, Clinical & Organisation Psychologist and Founding Partner, on the following topics:

  • How to instil confidence in others through dialling up your own
  • The value of cultivating a resourceful mindset in times of uncertainty
  • Why body language matters even more in the virtual world
  • Why planning is more important than it seems for video and audio conference
  • The relationship between ‘energy’ and ‘impact’ in the virtual world

Webinar Session: 6th April 2020
The ongoing impacts of Covid-19 has put us in uncharted territory. Yet despite the uncertainties of what lies ahead, leaders can draw on valuable lessons from previous crises, and apply them to gain greater control of some of their immediate and emerging challenges.  

In this webinar, we’ll be hearing from two former CEO’s, Murray Bell and Kerrie Kelly, who successfully led themselves, and their teams, through critical incident situations including military uprisings, earthquakes and natural disasters. Together with analysis from clinical and organisational psychologist Virginia Mansell, they will be drawing out the crucial insights and offering practical advice on how we can deal with the crisis unfolding before us.  

  • Understand leadership in the Covid-19 world through the lens of crisis management
  • Explore how self-management is crucial to clear decision-making
  • Apply the principles of crisis management to your situation

Webinar Session: 20th April 2020

As the current COVID-19 scenario continues to evolve, it’s becoming clear that we are running a marathon, not a sprint. What does that mean for how we need to adapt as leaders?

In this Lunch and Learn webinar, former BBC News broadcaster and Head of Leadership Practice, Mehul Joshi will lead a panel of expert speakers to explore:

  • The importance of consistency, sense-making and empowerment
  • The coping and resilience strategies that leaders and their teams need to develop
  • The mental, emotional, physical and psychological ‘red flags’ to watch for when working from home

Webinar Session: 4th May 2020

The ability of the Australian and New Zealand governments to keep a lid on COVID-19 has meant that leaders in this part of the world can begin to think beyond the immediate planning horizon and take a more strategic view. However, most strategic planning relies on some degree of certainty and predictability. COVID-19 doesn’t allow for either of these.

In this Lunch and Learn webinar, former BBC News journalist and now SMG Senior Partner, Mehul Joshi will be interviewing two experts who will provide valuable perspectives on how to solve this apparent conundrum.

CEO, entrepreneur and author, So-Young Kang will be speaking from Singapore on the “current state”: how leaders around the world are redefining how they operate in the present environment. SMG Executive Mentor, Board Director and former head of strategy at QANTAS, Steven Mann will be speaking about the “future state” — how to create meaningful strategy in the midst of uncertainty.

Webinar Session: 18th May 2020

There’s already been a lot of consideration into the practical aspects of returning to work: for example, staggered arrival times and two person limits in lifts.

However, from a people-perspective, leading the way out of the storm of COVID-19 doesn’t seem as straightforward as leading into it. For many, the level of uncertainty and ambiguity has only increased. Yet how that plays out for each person is hard to predict.

In this Webinar, Board Director, Robyn Stubbs and Clinical and Organisational Psychologist & Founding Partner, Virginia Mansell will be discussing why some people might struggle to re-integrate – and how to use this period to build trust.    

We will also explore topics such as:

  • How the psychological phenomenon known as “reverse culture shock” could be impacting us
  • How to keep alive the spirit of collaboration and goodwill generated by the COVID-19 crisis
  • The reasons some introverts are more stressed working from home than extroverts – and why we may need to rewrite the rules around personality types more generally


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