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Tuesday, 08 August to Wednesday, 09 August

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The ability to lead across the organisation, breaking down barriers and achieving true collaboration with stakeholders can mean the difference between survival and extinction in today’s disruptive world. Executives need to become strategic leaders and this program develops that ability. Become a master of conversations that communicate the strategy and build the relationships that get it executed. Learn how to thrive in your company – engaging your people and mobilising your organisation.

Event Highlights

Program Structure

Two Modules (Two days then one day) with two individual coaching sessions.

Module 1:

Day 1: Leading Across the Organisation

Through an exciting simulation called the Organisational Workshop, increase your ability to move with agility vertically and horizontally across the organisation, breaking down barriers and building collaborative relationships. Get personalised information about your approach when engaging others.

Day 2: Leading Strategically

Understand how disruptive change can affect your organisation. Develop your strategic leadership by learning how to think, act and influence strategically. See how to create the leadership culture that gets your business strategy implemented. Receive personalised information that will help you learn how to develop a richer and more versatile form of thinking, analysing and taking decisions that will improve your business strategy.

Work between workshops – the “Leaders Window”

With the aim of making the program as relevant as possible, leading to practical outcomes, work will be assigned around getting real-life feedback through a novel methodology called the “Leader’s Window” and around observing organisational issues that get in the way of getting results. Participants will bring back this work which will be used as content in the second workshop.

1st Individual Coaching Session

Module 2: Applying Strategic Leadership

The participants will go through two processes that will help them get the most out of their feedback and gain valuable insights into the organisational issues they bring back with them to the program. This module also works on developing the art of storytelling as a vehicle for getting people behind the strategy. Participants will also develop skills in order to deliver potentially unpopular changes in a way that actually achieves more commitment.

The program finishes with participants having a clear idea of the actions they need to take and a system to keep themselves accountable for achieving the changes they chose to embark on.

2nd Individual Coaching Session: Two weeks after the end of the program.

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