Your personal identity is your most valuable asset. It is the unique value others perceive you to possess in your role. You can develop it, shape it and control it.


To develop and control it, you need to understand who you really are, to whom or what you want to dedicate your service, and what differentiates you.

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About Personal Branding

Your personal brand is how others see you and all the things you do to build up your image. Ideally, your brand will be built on a foundation of authentic confidence, self-awareness, personal values and strengths.

SMG personal branding workshops and individual coaching programs empower clients to develop an authentic leadership image. We focus on areas such as:

  • increasing your personal effectiveness;
  • magnifying your leadership presence;
  • managing the impression you create;
  • improving your public speaking and presentations;
  • enhancing your persuasion skills.

Once you can describe your brand, you can use it to inform all you do, including your professional behaviour, leadership style, public appearances, networking, your physical look, social media interactions, messaging, emails, the space you inhabit, and more.

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